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Revised Dec, 2013
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January 12, 2015

My Projects
Nimbus 1950 Nimbus 'C'

YA6 1966 Yamaha YA6

Collecting Parts
CL77 1968 Honda CL77

1968 1968 Suzuki T500

1972 1972 Suzuki GT750

Current Projects
Basket 1973 Suzuki GT750 Basket Case

Sold !
GT550 1974 Suzuki GT550

Sold !
GT750 Start 1974 Suzuki GT750

Keeper (because it makes me smile!)
GT750 Start Suzuki GT/GS750 Custom

Retired (recycled for new projects)
Orange 1976 Suzuki GT750

Regular Ride
Blue 1976 Suzuki GT750

Lift Plate Engine and Dyno Results
GT500 1977 Suzuki GT500

Sold !
GS400 1977 Suzuki GS400

Sold !
GT750 1977 Suzuki GT750


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