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1977 Suzuki GT750B Colours

The 1977 model came in four colour combinations depending on the market: Black (019), Roseo (or Gypsy) Red Metallic (03G) in North America, Candy Gypsy Red #3 (00J) in Europe, and Maui Blue (797).

Black (019) - most countries Roseo Red Metallic (03G) - North America Candy Gypsy Red #3 (00J) - Europe Maui Blue (797) - Europe
Two tank striping patterns are recorded: '61R'; using 719 orange tape with 764 gold tape, and '61U' using 724 Sky Blue tape, with Gold Tape. The metal radiator cover on the fuel tank was done in semi-gloss black - for the location of the warning labels/decals please see the Label Location section.

The 1977 B fuelcock was painted semi-gloss black.

The tank badges were the same as used in 1976 having block letters for the 'Suzuki' text in raised chrome, and matt black fill between the letters and secured with two screws. The tops and bottoms of the letters extend just past the lower black background.

The frame side cover badges initially were the same as used in prior years having 'GT750' with the 'GT' having metallic orange fill in the letters, and although the part number did not change the fill colour did change to be gloss red towards the end of production. There is a chrome surround and matt black fill between the numbers and letters - the numbers were raised and chrome finished.

Reproduction emblems as supplied by Reproduction Decals

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