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  1. Starting Point
  2. Engine
  3. Tin, Frame and Wheels
  4. Other Things
  5. End Game

Regal Red - Engine

  1. Initial Engine Issues
  2. Vapour Blasting
  3. Other Things

The Start

This engine had really been abused by some truly ham fisted amateurs. My first clue was when what I thought was crusted dirt turned out to be a chunk of the top crankcase that had been broken off and then glued back in place with silicon. And while I knew that the top of the alternator housing had been damaged, I hadn't realised that what I could see was body filler as the aluminium had been caved in during a prior attempt to lever off the barrels.

The really sad part was the barrels themselves. The water jacket had been cracked in a couple of places, the gasket mating surfaces were in very poor shape and the threaded hole for the top stud had been broken and then extensively repaired.

Internally, the rest of the engine actually looked OK, with the only noticeable issue being the sprag clutch bearing for the starter. This was changed at engine 51822 from being a single row bearing to be two narrower bearings. In this photo you can see the needles of the old style bearing smeared in the bearing cage. The gear itself was also changed along with the included angle of the clutch. This is all detailed in Service Bulletin GT-4 which you can find here.

In the end, I decided to just get what I had repaired - not a cheap option by any means, but as the engine was the original one fitted to this frame I felt they should stay together. The repairs were done at Trillion Industries here in Calgary, and as with other work they have done for me, it was excellent.

The original crankshaft was put to one side and will likely go to the recycler as I prefer to use a later style crankshaft as used on the M/A/B. I discussed the reasoning behind this in the previous build and you can read about it here. I have a couple of rebuilt later style cranks on hand, done for me by Joe at RPM Services just south of Calgary. The rest of the engine will be refreshed with updated parts (rebuilt water pump, clutch boss and bearing, new style clutch plates, sprag clutch, new shouldered engine studs, etc.).

Vapour Blasting

One thing I was interested in having done was to have the cases vapour blasted (also called vapour honing and aqua blasting). Few places offer this service here in Alberta, or Western Canada for that matter. Rene at DucatiMeccanica offer this service in Medicine Hat. He did a nice job, and the cases now look better than new ! I will still have to polish the bits that are supposed to be shiny, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

Other Things

I'm not a mechanic, and so for those out there who are mechanics most of this will be of little interest, but here are a few of the little bumps in the road I dealt with during the engine rebuild:

When all was said and done, I had the engine ready to hang in the frame and after doing so took a few photos of what was starting to look like a real motorcycle.

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