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1972 Suzuki GT750J

The 1972 GT750 J, referred to by Suzuki internally as being model code 310, saw many small detail changes in its first year. From a distance the 1972 and 1973 model years are similar and share a 'family' look in their major differentiating points from later models, as both had large vented side covers, black cone tips on the exhaust pipes, AMAL style carburetters, cross connects between the exhaust pipes at the front (referred to by Suzuki as ETCS or Exhaust Tube Coupler System) smooth cylinder barrels, twin bulb rear tail lights, similar crash bars, and plastic radiator end caps. As well, the frames were quite similar also, but there were some key differences between the two model years, perhaps the most obvious being the front drum brake installed on the 1972 J.

As mentioned previously, the E1 General Export versions are covered here - for country specific versions, please see this section.

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