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GT750 Tool Kit

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The standard tool kit - part number 09800-00134 - was potentially somewhat useful, although possibly not if you had to remove any of the Phillips head screws on the engine cases ! It also was usually the first thing lost or discarded, so from a collectible perspective, it is worth trying to locate and conserve the original tool kit. New ones are available from Suzuki, however the Suzuki 'S' is not present on the tools or on the tool pouch itself.

The early tool kit as supplied to the J, K and L models and having fourteen items is shown below:

Per the Suzuki 'Special Tools' catalogue and other sources, the parts numbers for the tools in the tool kit are (in the same order as in the owners manual shown above):

  1. 09811-00112, Tool Bag
  2. 09813-00025, open end, 8 mm wrench
  3. 09813-00006, open end, 10x12 mm wrench
  4. 09813-00009, open end, 14x17 mm wrench
  5. 09816-00001, 10 mm Box Wrench
  6. 09816-00004, 14 mm Box Wrench
  7. 09816-00007, 21 mm Box Wrench
  8. 09817-00039 (?), 24 mm Offset Wrench
  9. 09817-00005, Offset Wrench Handle
  10. 09814-00004, Phillips Screw Driver
  11. 09814-00001, Combination Screw Driver
  12. 09814-00007, Screw Driver Grip
  13. 09812-00001, Pliers
  14. 09930-20111, Contact Points Wrench with Gap Measure
  15. 09818-00001, Points File (optional)

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The screw driver grip appears to normally have been 'red' up till the 'L' models, but that has not been confirmed. Later screw driver handles were black.

Beginning with the M model, the 10 mm box wrench (09816-00001) and the contact points wrench and gapping tool (09930-20111) were no longer supplied, reducing the kit count to twelve items. The part number for the tool kit itself did not change over the course of production.

Below is a scan from an M owner's manual.

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