1972 Suzuki GT750 'J' Trip Reset Knob

Out of stock as of August 2021

Ordering Information

Due to frequent requests, I've had these copies of the 1972 GT750 'J' trip reset knob made to compliment the 1972 GT750 'J' tachometer and speedometer shells I offer. These are only correct for the 1972 GT750 'J' having the plastic shells, and the reproduction knobs are made of aluminium with a black anodised finish:

  • These were not offered under their own part number by Suzuki (I call them 34981-31000-00Z).
  • The unit cost is $49.99 in Canadian funds, postage included to anywhere on the globe (note these are also sometimes offered on eBay at a different cost due to the fees eBay charges).
  • If ordering one with the reproduction gauge shells they are $35 each in Canadian funds
  • All packages are sent by Canada Post, Small Packet Air with no tracking.
  • Actual value will be declared on any customs form - no exceptions.
  • Delivery times vary a lot - from 1 to 6 weeks depending on your location.
  • If you need more than one reset knob, please contact me for bulk pricing.
  • By design, the shank is slightly larger in diameter than the original.
  • Please do not forget these are a LEFT HAND THREAD !

In the photos to the upper right you see the original on the left, and the reproduction on the right. The lower photo shows a the recess for the weather seal - the reproduction uses one of the original seals.

If you don't have additional questions, and would like to just order one right now - please 'click' the PayPal button to the right !
If you need more than one or have any additional questions, please email me at:


I will confirm availability (quantities are limited) and also the cost with combined shipping, and will send you a PayPal invoice. In all cases the item will normally be shipped within a couple of days of confirmation of receipt of payment.


There is a recess in the head for a single weather seal which I do not sell (the original trip meter reset knobs had two seals). They can easily be made, or you can use one of your two originals if you still have them.

  • if you are making your own weather seal, the originals measure 12x6x5mm and can be made from weather stripping foam, many of which have the correct density.

The fine print:


Please note that the success of your installation is completely out of my control, so if you do your own repair I cannot accept any responsibility for the result. Nor do I accept any responsibility for work done by any restorer you select.