Geek Temptation

They’ve tempted me again – ThinkGeek has some of the coolest items available for the totally nerdy, and I’m still on their mailing list of cool things that they offer for sale. I’ve wanted to order a genuine Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver now for some time (note that the photo to the right is courtesy of the ThinkGeek website), but today I see that they are also offering the Personal Soundtrack Shirt as seen on Big Bang Theory (not that I ever watch that show of course) so you can wear your music and broadcast your favourite tunes as you work. Very nice indeed. Of course, there is just one small problem – for international shipments they refuse to use the postal service for shipping and will only use FedEx or UPS.

UPS of course are the international parcel delivery gougers I wrote about previously here.  Pity – I would really like to order that Sonic Screwdriver, as it even comes with a genuine Dr. Who notebook !! However I’d rather hit my thumb repeatedly with a hammer, than deliberately allow UPS to rip me off like they have done previously.

ThinkGeek were friendly (although I must say not very geeky) when I spoke to them about this silly policy of theirs, but they refused to change their procedures, so no ThinkGeek stuff for me I’m afraid. I’m quite happy to let UPS rip off someone else !

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