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A Field Guide to the Suzuki GT550

Production Numbers

Note: This list excludes Japanese domestic market (JDM) frames, but includes JDM engines.

Suzuki made two very distinctly different models of the GT550 between 1975 and 1977 and regrettably they did not use a model specific numbering system to distinguish them - the frame and engine numbers were commingled. Beginning with engine number GT550-55829 (reference the last page of Service Bulletin 15, of May 1975 in the Technical Features section) a higher performance engine having Nikasil plated bores (or SCEM in Suzuki terminology), additional ports and a new exhaust having no cross couplers was offered outside of North America. Within North America the engines continued with the 'L' specification and cross coupled exhaust systems till the end of production, although springs were added during late 'L' production to try to limit exhaust gas leakage.

It is just a guess - but based on prior year production, the last GT550 frame produced could be perhaps as high as #79000. If someone has a high frame number machine, then I'd like to hear from you !

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