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E0 Japanese GT550 Models

The Japanese market GT550's were generally similar mechanically to variants sold a year later elsewhere, but used a unique frame numbering system. As with the GT750, one noticable difference was the 80 kph warning light.

The models themselves have a 'B' stamped after the GT550 prefix on the frame, and it appears the engines were not market specific and so would likely have had engine numbers correct for the year of manufacture globally. Note that all domestic market models are referred to as being 'B' machines regardless of the year, so the 1976 'B6' would correspond to the 'B' model sold in 1977 elsewhere. Production volumes were very small with just 1248 made in 1971, 303 in 1972 and 721 in 1973. As the engines were pulled from the same assembly line as those destined for foreign markets, it is possible to estimate that perhaps only about 3000 were sold in total for all years, making genuine JDM B variants quite rare.

Excepting differences required to meet Japanese vehicle certification/registration requirements:

I have no data on later models, but assume JDM models would be the same mechanically and perhaps differ only in colour selection to other markets after the 'B4'. The latest JDM model I've been able to confirm is a B6

  • Although the Japanese parts book doesn't support this as only one part number is listed, photos that I've seen of the GT550 sold in Japan in 1971 do have the cast 'SUZUKI' name plate markings on the alternator and points covers similar to the international export 'J' model sold in 1972, which then change to the stick-on labels with the Japanese B2 model in 1972 as seen elsewhere starting in 1973

Other differences included:

  • The 'B3' and 'B4' models also had a brace attached to the left side of the headlamp bucket extending to the inside of the left fork ear, presumably to prevent the aim of the headlamp inadvertently changing (parts 9 through 19 in the diagram to the right).

  • The 1971 and 1972 GT550 'B' and 'B2' models had a handlebar mounted helmet lock part 90001-31817. This same part number was also used on the 1971 and 1972 JDM GT750, the 1975 GT250, and the 1979 and 1980 OR50 Rebel. Part 4 in the diagram to the right.

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Colour codes for the B through B4 models translate (I think) as follows:
  • 019 is Black
  • 064 is Pure White
  • 211 is Dark(?) Yellow
  • 267 is Sky(?) Blue Metallic
  • 288 is Candy Gold-4
  • 289 is Candy Yellow Green (offered in Europe also)
  • 403 is Black as used for the seat
  • 737 is Stardust Silver Metallic
  • 738 is Olive Green Metallic (Japan only)
  • 739 is Deep Blue Metallic
  • 764 is Gold (Tape?)

The combinations at the bottom for the various tank colour trim packages for 1971 and 1972 are : 506, 507, 508, 944, 945 and 946.

There are some Japan domestic market sales brochures at this link.

The GT750 Club in Japan web site has quite a few photos available on line of member's bikes - I'm not sure if the site is dormant or not as they have not replied to any of my emails, but several examples of Japan market only colours are shown so it is worth a look. The text below is for any Japanese owners who may wish to contact me with additional information:


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