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Suzuki Colour Sample Guide Manual


November 8, 2019.

Before anyone asks me for a cross match for a modern paint to one of the ones listed here, don't bother as I regret to inform you that I can't help you. There are several companies who sell supposed colour matches for Suzuki colours, but in all seriousness any experienced painter who claims to know what he or she is doing should be able to get pretty close if you can find a decent sample for them to match. Having said that, included in this manual are some cross listings to Munsell paint codes, which are an international standard colour notation, and from these you should be able to get an exact match in a currently available paint product.

Also please note, this list was published in 1975 and so doesn't cover colours used in 1976 and later. As well, this covers all colours used by Suzuki up to 1975, and so includes colours used on their cars for example, as well as other motorcycle, moped and scooter models not sold outside of Japan.

Good luck !

Colour Samples

Preface Codes 001 through 039 Codes 041 through 063 Codes 064 through 078
Codes 079 through 089 Codes 091 through 113 Codes 114 through 125 Codes 126 through 137
Codes 138 through 149 Codes 151 through 161 Codes 162 through 172 Codes 173 through 183
Codes 184 through 194 Codes 195 through 205 Codes 206 through 219 Codes 221 through 231
Codes 232 through 243 Codes 244 through 255 Codes 256 through 266 FCodes 267 through 277
Codes 278 through 288 Codes 289 through 702 Codes 703 through 715 Codes 716 through 726
Codes 727 through 738 Codes 739 through 751 Codes 752 through 762 Codes 763 through 773
Codes 774 through 784 Codes 786 through 00A Codes 00C through 00R Codes 00P through 01H
Codes 01J through 01U Codes 01V through 02E Codes 02F through 02R Codes 02T through 03E
Codes 03F through 03U Codes 03V through 04G

Combination colours were the codes used for striping and accent colour combinations as used on tanks etc..

Combination Colours

Codes 501 through 535 Codes 572 through 606 Codes 643 through 676 Codes 913 through 947
Codes 984 through 60U

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