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Itagaki Co. Ltd., 1954-61


Originally the aircraft parts manufacturer Isezaki Aircraft Industry, Itagaki began making bicycle components in 1945 and then as a part of the Sanniki Kogyo Co. Ltd. Industry (三輝工業株式会社) in 1954 sold the Sunlight SMR 11 which used the Itagaki engine in a Sekine bicycle sold under a subsiduary's Miki Kogyo Co. Ltd. name. The engine is a 2 stroke, 58cc.

In 1958 and 1959 the line-up included the Sunlight 125cc King Moped C1, the Million Sunlight C10, Sunlight Royal and Sunlight Queen Mopet. In 1960 was the Queen Sunlight 50cc and Queen Sunlight 125cc.

Although they looked like motorcycles, the 125cc models appear to all have used a centrifugal clutch and a v-belt drive.

Sales brochures:

In 1961 the company was absorbed into Fuji Heavy Industries and began manufacture of Rabbit scooters.

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