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These are copies I made from the the last North American Model(Country Code E3/E28) parts fiche I could locate, and as such covers almost all of the changes during the course of the GT750 sales in North America. There are a few differences not captured here which were Canada specific, and of course it does not include specific differences for other countries. As well, 'J' models are not covered - just 'K' through 'B'.


Preface and Colour Chart Parts Number Listings Index by Fiche Rows Row 'B' (cyl, covers, case, crank, starter clutch)
Row 'C' (Carb, filter, exhaust) Row 'D' (oil pump, water pump, cooling fan, radiator)
Row 'E' (clutch, trans, shift, kick)
Row 'F' (starter, alt, ign, clocks)
Row 'G' (electrical) Row 'H' (frame, tank, fuel cock) Row 'I' (seat, side covers, forks, front fender) Row 'J' (front wheel, bars, switches)
Row 'K' (M/C, calliper, hoses) Row 'L' (stand, chain guard, rear wheel and fender, options)

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