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Updated January 25, 2021

I don't sell Suzuki manuals, nor do I supply them for download. My view is that just about everyone today has a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, together with fast internet service, and so all I do is try to provide easy access to a range of manuals on-line that have either been given to me or that I have purchased and then scanned. For years now, I have kept a laptop in my work area so I can easily look up anything I need, when I need it and I find it incredibly useful. Given that the cost of a used laptop is about the same as an OEM piston, it is a cheap option. If I do want a hard copy manual then I typically buy them from e-Classic Bike in New Zealand - excellent quality, wide selection and reasonable prices. They also sell on eBay, and of course eBay or Amazon are both good sources for manuals in general.

Shop Manuals

Parts Manuals

Owners Manuals

A100/AS100 Shop A100/AS100/AC100 Parts A100 Owners
B100P Shop B100P Parts B100/B100P Owners
B120 Shop B120 Parts B120 Owners
F50 Service Manual F50 Parts Manual F50 Owners Manual
K10/K11/K15 Service K10/K11/K15 Parts K10/K11 Owners
M12/M15 Service Manual M12/M15 Parts Manual M12/M15 Owners Manual
M31 Service Manual M31 Parts Manual M31 Owners Manual
S32-2 Service Supplement S32-2 Parts S32-2 Owners Manual
T125 Service Manual T125 Parts Manual T125 Owners Manual
T125-T200 Maintenance Manual Japanese Market
T10 Service Manual T10 Parts Manual (Final) T10 Owners Manual
T20 Service Manual T20 Parts Manual T20 Owners Manual
T200 Service Manual T200 Parts Manual T200 Owners Manual
T305 Service Manual T305 Parts Manual T305 Owners Manual
T250/T350 Service Manual T350 Parts Manual T350 J Owners
GT185 Service Manual GT185 Parts Manual GT185 Owner Manual
GT250A Service Supplement GT250 Parts Manual GT250 Owner Manual
GT380 Shop Manual GT380 Parts Manual GT380J Owners Manual
GT380M Owners
T/GT500 Shop T500 MK I,II,III,R&J Parts MK1 T500 Owners
Additional T/GT500 Parts T500K Owners
GT550 Shop GT550 Parts GT550L Owners
Japanese Market GT550 Parts
GT550 Regional Parts
GT750 Shop GT750 Parts (1974 Edition) GT750J Owners
Japanese Market GT750 Parts GT750L Owners
GT750 Patroller Parts GT750M Owners
GT750 Regional Parts GT750A Owners
GT750B US Parts Fiche
RE5 Engine Service Manual RE5 Parts RE5 M Owner's Manual
RE5 A Owner's Manual

Other Suzuki Manuals

Suzuki Carburettor Manual Suzuki Owners Instruction Manual
Suzuki Disc Brake Manual Suzuki Cross Reference Parts Manual
Suzuki Service Data Manuals
Suzuki Setup Manual
Selected Suzuki Wiring Diagrams
Suzuki Special Tools Manual

My preferred third party 'how to' manuals are published by Haynes - sadly most of these are only available as used copies now on eBay or Amazon. Due to copyright ownership they are not available here. In those cases where Haynes manuals are not available new (for example for the GT750), I strongly encourage owners to write Haynes and tell them to get their act together ! You can email them at The Clymer manuals, in my personal opinion, are merely 'OK' if nothing else is available, or if you want something additional to the manufacturer's manual.

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