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Honda CL77 Commissioning

This was a picked up in Washington state and had been on display for many years in a private collection. My friend Bob had one of these when we were both in high school and I always thought it was the best looking bike Honda ever made. This example was complete, and still original paint - even the original tires !

Unlike all my other bikes, this one just needed some re-commissioning work and some TLC. I repacked the steering head bearings, cleaned the carburettors, replaced the wheel bearings, air filters, tires, chain and oil and it was good to go. I did have some trouble with the fuel petcock - it didn't want to shut off which was annoying, but that has now been sorted, and I have been enjoying in on short rides around town.


This bike moved on to its next keeper in the spring of 2016. I've been asked 'why ?' by many people, and it simply was a realisation that I just had too many machines and I needed to reduce the size of the herd. It has gone to a good home and will be well looked after.