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Old Japanese Bikes

My Projects

Nimbus 1950 Nimbus 'C'

YA6 1966 Yamaha YA6

Collecting Parts
CL77 1968 Honda CL77

Sold !
1968 1968 Suzuki T500

1972 1972 Suzuki GT750

Current Projects
Basket 1973 Suzuki GT750 Basket Case

Sold !
GT550 1974 Suzuki GT550

Sold !
GT750 Start 1974 Suzuki GT750

Keeper (because it makes me smile!)
GT380 Start 1975 Suzuki GT380

Another basket case !
GT750 Start Suzuki GT/GS750 Custom

Retired (recycled for new projects)
Orange 1976 Suzuki GT750

Sold !
Blue 1976 Suzuki GT750

Lift Plate Engine and Dyno Results
GT500 1977 Suzuki GT500

Sold !
GS400 1977 Suzuki GS400

Sold !
GT750 1977 Suzuki GT750


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