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1973 Suzuki GT750 Rebuild

I bought this 1973 GT750 basketcase in Rubbermaid tubs from a fellow in Kincardine Ontario - basically after hauling a load of items down east for our two boys, I was not prepared to come back empty ! It was advertised as being a 1973, but in truth it was a real dog's breakfast with parts and pieces from several years, although the tank, side covers (but not the emblems), frame, front forks, headlamp, radiator, radiator surround, carburetters and exhaust were from the right year. I was happy to get it if only for the parts - the carbs by themselves were worth the cost of hauling it back, plus I expect to be able to salvage at least something from the two engines also included in the deal. As with my other projects, this site will serve as a repository for whatever material I generate from my BLOG locate here.

In the photo to the lower right, you can see where I've stuck some of the bits together just to see how it looks (click on any image for a larger version). The seat is one that had on hand and as it sits, it almost looks like a bike, but in fact there are quite a few problems. For example, many parts appear to have been damaged in the course of either disassembly or attempts to repair which will necessitate doing some parts hunting. Most seriously, I'm missing the correct version of the engine. I have an offer of another 1973 wreck here in Calgary, so possibly I can take the two sets of bits, and come up with something that will work - we'll see how it goes !