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1974 Suzuki GT750

My wife and I bought a 1974 GT750 L brand new in the spring of 1974. We had been married for 12 months, were each 22 years old, had a plan and were perhaps a bit young and foolish. The plan was that we were going to sell up what we had in 1975, and then ride the bike out to western Canada, resettle and start over. Unfortunately the bike was stolen in that same July which took the wind out of our sails. We did eventually move out west 9 years later, but that is another story. Over the years I'd often looked for another 1974 model, and I finally found this one in Ontario 40 years later in 2014. Interestingly, the frame on the 'new' one is within 2000 numbers of the one I had originally.

This bike is mostly original - the paint is the wrong colour, but I will get that sorted eventually. The engine was rebuilt in 2008 and seems sound. So far at least, all I've done is some gentle fettling to sort a few minor issues, and with luck I will be able to keep hold of this one longer than I did my first one !

Below are a few photos of both my original bike, back in April of 1974 and of the one I have now: