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1976 Suzuki GT750 Test Mule

I've owned this since the mid 1980's and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I use it mainly as a test bed, and as a place to easily store usable spares and parts for my main ride, which is the 1976 at this link. It is licensed, plated and insured and till recently continued to run fine, albeit with somewhat low compression and the start of a leaky crankshaft seal. It also is not all original, being what we call here in Canada a 'Heinz 57' (or a 'bitza' in other parts of the world). As it did need an engine rebuild, in 2014 I decided to buy a lift plate, and rebuild the engine with some mild porting just for fun.

Below are a few photos of the bike as it was in early 2014 before the engine rebuild (click on any image for a larger version):