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1977 Suzuki GS400 Rebuild

I picked up this bike, together with a pair of GT500's from a fellow in Vernon, BC in early June of 2009. To be completely honest, I didn't really want it, but it was a part of the 'package' so it made it on to the trailer and came home with the two Titans. Its been a few years since I worked on a 4 stroke - at one time I spent a lot of time on Honda CB350 and CB450's but it has been a while ! The engine doesn't run but at least it isn't seized, and the bike was mostly complete but in very rough shape. As with my other rebuilds, I will post whatever material I generate from my BLOG located here.

At the moment it is in the 'not sure what I'll do with it' stage, as the cost to actually restore it will far exceed its value. On the other hand, I really like its lines and rather than do a restoration I'm actually toying with the idea of swapping out the GS400 engine for one from a GT500, as I happen to have one sitting in my storage doing nothing but take up space. Stay tuned !

Below are a few photos of how it looked when I first got it. While most of it was there, the instrument cluster was broken, and the exhaust, headlamp and side covers were missing (click on any image for a larger version):

Update - Sold ! After having this sit in storage for several years, I finally realised that it just didn't interest me and a rebuild wasn't going to happen. It has gone to a new home - whether for parts or to be rebuilt is unknown