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GT750 Factory Options

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A range of factory supplied options and accesories were offered for the GT750 - some were quite model specific and were phased out early while the model was in production, whereas others are still available today.

Factory options included a luggage rack (46310-31000) to replace the rear grab rail which can still be ordered from Suzuki in Europe as of this writing.

A factory "butterfly" style crash bar (94210-31901), which was the same part used on the Patroller Police Bike models:

A set of rear crash bars was also offered, 94810-31903 on the right, and 94820-31903 on the left - these were quite large and were originally offered as part of the Patroller police models to protect the rear saddlebags.

A chrome radiator cover - this was only offered for the 1972J and 1973K model years:

A friction steering damper was offered for all model years - the parts lists were common across the GT380 and GT550. These photos are of an original damper on a bike owned by Mick Taylor:

Flat bars (56111-33600) and shorter cables were offered for the L, M, A and B models in all markets.

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A aluminium bodied tire inflator was available. There were two styles, the early 09821-00002 having 'Made in Japan' embossed on the side of the handle, and a later style 09821-00004 introduced sometime in 1973 which was a slightly different shape and had 'Made in Japan' stamped in the end of the handle. The same inflators were offered for other Suzuki models under the same part numbers, and there is an even earlier variant offered for pre-1968 Suzuki models under part number 09821-00001 which I assume looks very similar. In the photo below,the 09821-00002 style is top most, and below is 09821-00004.

The photo on the left shows the Made in Japan stamping on the end of the later style of inflator (09821-00004). Beside it is a photo showing the length of the inflator nozzle.

To fit the earlier VM style carburettors on machines equipped with the later BS40 CV carburettors posed a small problem as the later style crankcases did not have the cast tab for the oil injector pump cable fitting. From 1974 onwards the oil injector pump used a rod to actuate the oil injector pump and the tab was removed. To allow the fitting of VM style carburettors and a cable operated oil injector pump, Suzuki made available a bracket under part number 16293-31000.

Additionally, items such as oil, grease, exhaust coupler sealant and paint were available - below are copies of the 'Optional' pages from the parts manual - just click to enlarge and then click on the right or left side of the image to page through the selection.

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