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Selected GT750 Third Party Options

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There were (and still are) many after market options available for the GT750, so the intent here is not to try and list all of them, but rather to highlight just a few of the more interesting ones.


Cast alloy wheels started to appear on mass produced consumer model motorcycles just prior to the end of production for the GT750, and Suzuki offered their 'snow flake' cast alloy wheels starting with the 1978 GS series as standard equipment. Note though that the larger GS series models had rear disc brakes and the GT750 of course used a rear drum brake. Recognising an opportunity, several speciality companies produced direct replacement wheel kits for the Water Buffalo.

Please note, that these are now starting to become very old wheels - any cast wheel is susceptible to cracking so if you are lucky enough to find a set, they should be checked carefully before you risk using them.

The ones I've been able to confirm as fitting the GT750 so far include:

Gary also passed along a scan of an advertisement for Suzuki Italy showing a set of 7 spoke CMA wheels on an A model. CMA were a UK company and also made 3 spoke and 5 spoke versions of their wheels. Mark Elmes sent me some additional photos showing both styles.

Other brands such as Shelby-Dowd, ARD, Flanders, Morris and Kimtab were offered for other makes and models and may also have supplied wheels suitable for the Suzuki GT750 - several required a rear disc conversion (for example the Kimtab's shown below) and kits were supplied to do this. If anyone has additional information they can share about other after market wheel rims, just pass it along.

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Exhaust Systems

With contributions from Richard Nowson and Dave Bonigut

The Suzuki GT750 exhaust system, as originally fitted, is really heavy and also one of the most common items damaged in even a minor spill, so the desire as well as the need for replacement exhaust pipes has been real since the first GT750 rolled out the show room. While factory original replacement parts were available during production, the stock dried up fairly quickly - especially for the outside pipes - and by the early 1980's replacement parts were hard to come by in some countries and for some models.

An early replacement exhaust system that somewhat duplicated the look of the original J/K Suzuki exhaust was offered by Gazelle in the UK in stainless steel. This scanned image to the right is supplied by Gunnar Forgren. I'm not certain the company is still trading.

Most recently (2010) the Kettle Club in the UK worked with Delkevic Limited UK to manufacture a full replacement system for the M, A and B models. Cosmetically they are a match for the originals and so are ideal for restorations of the later models, although I'm told they do sound a bit different. Initially if you were a Kettle Club member then a discount on the purchase price was available, which was of benefit if you happened to live in the UK. Delkevic in the USA now also retail these in the USA at a very good price, so if you are located in North America, own an M, A or B and want to retain at least an original look, then these are a good option to consider.

If you own an earlier J, K or L model and are solely interested in the original look, then as of this writing, finding a good used set and having them re-chromed is your only option. There are (at least) three issues to be considered:

  • Getting the old pipes clean enough to be accepted for re-chroming. This will require specialised chemical washes and/or washes with caustic soda and in the process may reveal pin hole corrosion issues that sometimes make repair quite difficult.
  • Internal corrosion issues - the interior baffles are spot welded and these are now in the range of 40 years old - a careful inspection of the condition of the baffles using an inspection video camera may be prudent. As well, in the forward area of the pipes is a spot welded metal mesh for sound deadening which may also become unstuck due to corrosion. The photos to the right show the internal sections of the baffle area on a GT750 L, but it is largely the same for all model years.
  • The issues associated with the repair of any dents and road rash - the cost may quickly become prohibitive.

If a non-original look works for you, then over the years many after market systems have been made and in some cases are still being made. Note that custom made or tuned performance pipe manufacturers are not specifically covered here, but instead the focus is on commercially available systems suitable for street usage as would be available to the average owner. Some of these include:

Jemco Exhaust Systems, located in Houston Texas. These 3 into 3's are still available for purchase. Jemco also makes the 3 into 1's for Omar's Dirt Track which can be bought directly from Jemco in a plated finish by special request. Omar's Dirt Track Racing Inc. A 3 into 1 system similar to the Strader, and still available new. These are actually made by Jemco in Texas.
Strader Engineering made 3 into 1 exhaust systems which are no longer available new. At least two versions of GT750 pipe were made, the later one having a longer silencer section. Tomcat Expansion Chambers, made in the USA and still available for order as of this writing.
Gibson Exhausts made in the UK since the late 1970's, and still available new in both mild steel and chromed steel. Originally branded as 'Allspeeds', the name was lost during the 1980's - see details in the photo stack. Original 1970's style has virtually no can, current style has a small can. Micron Exhausts registered the Allspeed name as a trademark and made systems for a number of years. They were basically styled after the original Peter Gibson design but had a large can.
Higgspeed Performance Products, located in the UK. These are still available for purchase new. Ocelot Engineering, located in the USA. I'm not 100% sure that these were commercially available for street use, rather than for use at the track, but no doubt someone out there has additional information.
Jim Lomas (JL) Exhausts, located in the Czech Republic. Available new in both mild steel and stainless. JollyMoto, located in Italy. 3 into 1 systems and still available at time of writing for order.
J&R Exhaust Systems. The patent was first registered in the USA January 14, 1976 and lapsed June 21, 1983. No longer available new. Tommy Crawford Engineering (TCE) 3 into 1. No data available and no longer available new.
Piper 3 into 1 system. No longer available new, and no data available about company etc.. Bromlech's 3 into 1 made in Australia - no longer available new.
Bassani Manufacturing in California, USA. The company was founded in the late 1960's by Darryl Bassani and does still exist although I have confirmed with them that GT750 pipes are no longer available from them directly. Zenshin in Kakuria-cho, Japan. I have no data on the company ((株)前進エンジニアリング which I think translates as Advance Engineering Ltd.) , but they appear to specialise in custom parts for drag racing in Japan and at the time of writing they do make systems for all Suzuki triples. They are offered in chrome, but may also be ordered in black.
Reimo Reinhard Motorrad GmbH in Germany made a number of after market options for the GT750. See also the section under 'Customs'. In correspondence with Reimo, they described their 3-1 exhaust as heavy, and that it did not greatly improve performance. There also seem to have been two different types of Reimo exhaust as I have two different period ads. Just click through the photo stack. No longer available new. Factory Pipe Products (FPP) in the USA made a 3-3 pipe. No longer available new.
Hanco 3-1 pipes were an Australian make, manufactured in Brisbane in the late 1970's/early 1980's. No longer available new.

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Many people scorn them, but I will be the first to admit that I like fairings - especially out here on the prairies where some of the bugs that smack into you are large enough to leave a bruise !

In North America at least, the Windjammer fairing created by Craig Vetter was the one to have - as an indication of its popularity, there were many copies and imitations. Craig and his wife Carol are still supporting their fairings via their web site located at

Much like ties, as time passes things have a way of coming back into style again, and original accessory pieces such as Vetter fairings have become collectable.

Fuel Gauge

Another interesting option made by Ashi-Denso was a fuel gauge to fit the models J through M. I'll get a chance to find out if it actually works when I rebuild my model J.

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Chain Case

I spotted this item on the eBay site in Germany - I have no idea whether it would have been effective, but it is interesting !

And Martin in Germany sent me this photo of the chaincase installed.

Custom Side Covers

Dixie International in the USA produced a cover set consisting of the points, rotor, clutch, starter motor. Fairly rare, and a nice addition if you can find a set.

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Engine Guards

Tarozzi in Italy still produce a stylish set of engine guards for the GT750.

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