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GT750 Tail Light Mount

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The tail light mount bracket or bridge is not listed with its own part number, but came as an assembly complete with the tail lamp itself. These frequently show up on eBay and elsewhere, but not each one will fit each year of GT750 properly. There appear to be four - possibly five - main variants.

All of these are stamped with a part code "35710" followed by a dashed suffix. Starting from the left:

Of course things are never easy - there are actually two different 35710-5 bridges both with the same number! The early one used up till at least frame GT750-16153 is longer, and the holes in it together with the corresponding holes in the rear fender are in a different location than later tail lamp bridges having the same number. You can see the difference in the photos below - both are stamped the same, but the older one is about 2 cm (5/8 inch) longer. The part numbers for the tail light and for the fender are the same for both versions.

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