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T/GT500 Oil Injector Pump

Exploded View of Oil Pump

The MK I injection pump has its own part number - at the moment, I'm unclear as to why. T500/GT500 pumps are interchangeable at least for the MK II and higher versions. While the mechanical components of the pumps themselves are not repairable, the seals are easily replaced if you can find all the correct sizes. Occasionally seal kits are offered for sale on eBay by the seller 'retsoo'.

Unlike later versions, early oil injection lines were easily taken apart for cleaning or repair !

The earliest oil injection lines were parts 16820-15030 and 16840-15030, and these had superceded to the unit style one piece checkvalves under part numbers 16820-15033 and 16820-15033 by the 'J' model in 1972, and then continued unchanged till the end of production.

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