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Suzuki GT550 Parts Manual


General Export Model(E1)
Covers most J, K and L models outside of North America


Preface Cylinder Cylinder 'L' Crankcase
Crankcase Covers Piston-Crankshaft
Starter Clutch Carburettor
Carburettor - 'L' Air Cleaner Air Cleaner 'L'
Muffler 'L' Oil Pump Clutch Transmission
Gear Shift Kick Starter Starting Motor (ND) Starting Motor (Kokusan)
Alternator (ND) Alternator (Kokusan) Contact Breaker (ND) Contact Breaker (Kokusan)
Speedometer-Tachometer (Early) Speedometer-Tachometer Speedometer-Tachometer 'L' Headlamp
Turn Signal Lamp Rear Combination Lamp Rear Combination Lamp 'L' Electrical
Frame Stand-Pedal Fuel Tank Seat
Front Fork Front Fork (Kayasa) Front Fork 'L' Fender
Handlebar-Control Cable Handle Switch Rear Swing Arm Front Wheel
Front Wheel 'L' Callipers Master Cylinder Master Cylinder 'L'
Rear Wheel Optional

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