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Parts Manual for B100, B100P and B105P Machines



Suzuki B100 Preface Cylinder,Air Cleaner,Spark Plug Piston-Crankshaft Covers, Shift/Kick Levers
Carburettor Exhaust/Muffler Clutch Transmission
Shift Cam,Neutral Indicator Kick Starter Flywheel/Magneto Covers,Oil Tank,Rear Fender
Foot Rest,Centre Stand Fuel Tank Dual Seat Front Fork
Front Fender Starter Lever,Grips Rear Swing Arm Front Wheel
Rear Wheel> Silicon Rectifier,Signals Head Lamp,Speedometer Tail Light,Turn Signal
Turn Signal Tool Set

Suzuki B100P Cylinder Head,Swing Arm Crankcase and Covers Oil Pump
Oil Tank Rear Wheel

Suzuki Trail B105P Crankcase Right Cover Skid Plate,Exhaust Center Stand,Foot Rest
Dual Seat,Carrier Switches Front and Rear Wheel Swing Arm,Chain Guard
Head Lamp

UK B100P French B100P Kenya B100P Rhodesia/Nigeria B100P
Norway B100P Switzerland B100P Iran B100P Australia B100P
Denmark B100P Optional Parts Model Numbers

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