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Japanese Domestic Market GT550 Parts Manual


These scans were kindly provided by Mikkabi in Japan.

The frames of GT550 Japanese domestic market (JDM) machines were all stamped GT550B-xxxxx, and so are referred to as 'B' machines. Rather than using the alpha code (J, K etc.) used in other markets, in Japan they were sequenced as B, B2, B3, B4 etc. where the number is the year. A 'B4' then is a JDM 1974 model. Models were released in Japan a year prior to the same or similar machine being available for sale elsewhere, so the 'B3' is the equivalent of an 'L' elsewhere.


Preface Cylinder, Crankcase Crankshaft Covers Crankshaft, Pistons
Starter Idle Gear B, B2 Carburettor
B3, B4 Carburettor Airbox
Exhaust Injector Pump Clutch
Shifter Kickstart Nippon Denso Starter Kokusan Starter
Nippon Denso Alternator Kokusan Alternator Nippon Denso Points Kokusan Points
B Gauges B, B2 Gauges B3, B4 Gauges Headlamp, Signals, Tail lamp
Locks Battery, Harness, Horn etc. Frame, Tool Kit Stands, Footrests, Rear Brake Arm
Fuel Tank, Fuelcock Seat, Frame Covers B Forks B2 Kayaba Forks
B3 Forks B4 Forks Fenders Front Wheel
Bars, Cables, Switches Callipers, Master Cylinder Swinger Rear Wheel
Options Part Number Listings

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