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GT550 Country Specific Parts Lists

The most commonly available parts manuals on the web are of the USA version machines which would be Suzuki's Country Code E3. That can be a problem when doing a restoration as the information may be incorrect if you don't happen to be working on a US (or Canadian) bike as there are often subtle differences. As an example, front brake switches were not standard in most countries up till the B models, but they were standard in the USA and Canada. Likewise the rear turn signals in the USA and Canada were mounted on a bracket, and elsewhere they were not, the headlamps were often different as were the left switch gear and the list goes on !

What follows then, are the country specific parts lists I have been able to collect to date - if your bike isn't listed, and if it isn't a US or Canadian import, or a Japanese dometic market version then it would conform to what Suzuki called their General Export E1 model. Parts manuals are available from a couple of places - I recommend e-ClassicBike located in New Zealand as the prices are reasonable, and the quality is quite good.

For parts list specific to Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) machines, or USA/Canadian spec machines, please see the listings under the heading Parts Manuals.

To navigate - clicking on a link opens the specific page in the manual, and then clicking on either the left or right side of that image moves forward or back through the manual. Enjoy !


E4 France

E6 South Africa

E13 South East Asia

No data available

E17 Sweden

E18 Switzerland

E21 Belgium

E22 West Germany

E24 Australia

E25 The Netherlands

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