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GT750 Japan Market Parts Manual

Japanese market GT750's differed from those offered elsewhere in the world, most significantly having what is called the 'split head' variant in both 1972 and 1973. Models sold in Japan were generally the same as those offered for sale elsewhere a year later, and so a 1974 'B4' was essentially the same as the 'M' sold elsewhere in 1975. The sequence for some reason breaks down with the early versions, with the 1971 model just being called the 'GT750' and the 1972 model being called both the 'GT750B' and 'B1' in the parts manual. Things got back on track, sort of, with the 1973 B3, which from a distance resembled the 1974 'L' but had a different split head engine. As well, the domestic market also got different colours, a 80km warning light was installed using special speedometers, different rear lamp lens, a headlamp bracket, etc.

This manual covers models up to the 1975 'B5' model, which in features closely resembles the model 'A' sold in 1976 outside of Japan. There was a 'B6', but I have not yet located documentation. More details on Japanese GT750's are available here.


Preface Cylinder GT750 Cylinder GT750B Split Head Cylinder (B4/B5)
Crankcase Crankcase Covers
SRIS Crankshaft-Piston
Starter Clutch Carburettor (GT750,B1) Carburettor (B3,B4,B5)
Airbox (GT750, B1)
Airbox (B3,B4,B5) Muffler (GT750,B1) Muffler (B3,B4,B5) Oil Pump
Water Pump Water Pump Drive Shaft Cooling Fan Surge Tank
Radiator Radiator Cover Clutch Transmission
Gear Shifter Kick Starter Starter Motor (ND) Starter Motor (Mitubishi)
Alternator Ignition/Points Speedo/Tach (GT750, B1) Speedo/Tach (B3,B4,B5)
Headlight (GT750,B1) Headlight (B3,B4,B5) Headlamp Signals
Rear Combination Light (GT750,B1) Rear Combination Light (B3,B4,B5) Electrical
Battery Horn, Relays Locks

Stands Brake Pedal Foot Rests (GT750,B1)
Foot Rests (B3,B4,B5) Tank (GT750) Tank (B1,B3,B4) Tank (B5)
Fuelcock Oil Tank (GT750,B1) Oil Tank (B3,B4,B5) Seat
Frame Covers (GT750,B1) Frame Covers (B3,B4,B5) Forks (GT750) Forks (B1)
Forks (B3) Forks (B4,B5) Steering Stem (B1) Steering Stem (B3,B4,B5)
Front Fender Front Wheel (GT750) Front Wheel (B1,B3,B4,B5) Bars, Controls
Right Grip (GT750) Right Grip (B1,B3,B4,B5) Left Grip (GT750,B1) Left Grip (B3,B4,B5)
Callipers Master Cylinder (B1) Master Cylinder (B3,B4,B5) Brakelines (B1)
Brakelines (B3,B4,B5) Swing Arm Chain Guard Rear Fender
Rear Fender (B5) Rear Wheel Options Wiring Diagram

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