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Parts Cross Reference Manual


In the Spring of 1967, Suzuki completely revamped their part numbering system and issued a cross reference manual. I have only included the first few pages here that explain how the new part numbers are constructed. This system has continued through to current day, with only a few tweeks, changes and the occassional error ! The only change that I consider to be of consequence is that for some reason Suzuki changed the finish codes which were a 1 for zinc, 2 for chrome and a 3 for cadmium. These were changed in 1968 to be 6 for cadmium, 7 for chrome and 8 for zinc.

Enjoy !


Contents and Forward How to use Basic Model Numbers Type and Modification Numbers
Colour and Fabric Numbers Standard Parts Index Page
Hex Head Bolts
Nuts Screws Washers
Other Fasteners
Bearings Grease Nipples Special Standard Part Numbers

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