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Suzuki GT380 Parts Manual


North American Models (E3/E28)

This is a manual that I inherited and it will be redone at some point.


Preface Cylinder 'K' Cylinder 'L','M','A','B' Cylinder Fittings
Crankcase Crankcase Covers
Crankcase Covers ('A','B') Piston-Crankshaft
Carburettor (33012) Carburettor (33013) Carburettor (33014)
Carburettor ('L'-'B')
Air Cleaner Air Cleaner 'L-B'
Muffler Muffler 'L-B'
Oil Pump Clutch Transmission Gear Shift
Kick Starter Alternator (ND) Alternator (Kokusan) Contact Breaker (ND)
Contact Breaker (Kokusan) Speedometer-Tachometer (Early) Speedometer-Tachometer Headlamp ('K')
Headlamp ('L-M') Headlamp ('A-B') Turn Signal Lamp Turn Signal Lamp ('B')
Rear Combination Lamp Rear Combination Lamp 'L-A' Rear Combination Lamp 'B' Electrical
Frame Stand-Pedal Fuel Tank Fuel Cock
Seat Front Fork Front Fork 'L' Front Fork 'M-B'
Steering Stem Fender Front Wheel Handlebar
Handle Switch ('K'-'M') Handle Switch ('A'-'B') Calliper ASCO Calliper 'B'
Master Cylinder 'K' Master Cylinder 'L'-'B' Rear Swing Arm Rear Wheel

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