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North American Model(Country Code E3/E28).
Does not include parts changes for 1976, or for other countries


Preface Colour Chart Engine Mounting
Engine RH Cover
Engine LH Cover Transmission Case
Counter Weight Cover
Air Inlet
Carberettor Air Cleaner Muffler
Metering Pump

Trochoid Pump Pressure Regulator Oil Cooler Cooling Fan
Water Pump Radiator Sub Tank Radiator Starter Clutch
Clutch Clutch Release Transmission Gear Shifting

Kick Starter Starting Motor Generator Contact Breaker
Battery Combination Meter Headlight Turn Signals
Rear Combination Light Wire Harness Electrical Frame

Centre Stand Foot Rests, Brake Rod Fuel Tank Petcock
Oil Tank Seat, Tool Kit Frame Covers Front Fork Damper
Front Fork Headlamp Fenders Front Hub

Wheels Handlebars Right Hand Controls Left Hand Controls
Callipers Brake Hoses Master Cylinder Swingarm
Rear Suspension Rear Hub Radiator Cover Optional

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