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T305/TC305 Parts Manual


Jeff on the Sundial board was kind enough to send me a scanned version of this T305/TC305 parts manual. Thanks ! This covers North American models (E3/E28) specifically, but much of it is applicable elsewhere also.

To navigate - clicking on a link opens the specific page in the manual, and then clicking on either the left or right side of that image moves forward or back through the manual. Enjoy !


Preface Cylinder,Air Cleaner,Spark Plug Carburettor Piston-Crankshaft
Crankcase Engine Covers Oil Pump Muffler
Clutch Transmission Gearshift Kickstart
Generator Frame Stands Fuel Tank
Seat-Fender Front Fork Handlebar Rear Swingarm
Front Wheel Rear Wheel Electrics Head Lamp,Speedometer
Grip-Levers Tool Set

TC305 TC305 Muffler TC305 Tank TC305 Cables


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