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Suzuki T/GT500 Shop Manual


To navigate - clicking on a link opens the specific page in the manual, and then clicking on either the left or right side of that image moves forward or back through the manual. Enjoy !

This manual was first issued covering the T500 MKII released in 1969 to most markets, and then reprinted with the 1976 GT500 Technical Bulletin which was also issued as a stand alone document detailing the GT500 changes. The T500 really didn't change that much over the years other than for trim and paint details. Suzuki pretty much got it right the first time with this. If doing a restoration or rebuild, take note of the information in the service bulletins located here


Introduction and Index Posi-Force Right and Left Views Specifications
Tips on Operation Troubleshooting
Special Tools
Chassis Electical Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

GT500A Technical Bulletin

GT500A Introduction New Features Specifications Details
Electrical Maintenance Information Parts Interchangeability
Service Data
Tightening Torque Special Tools

T500 MKII Diagrams

Wiring Diagram
Exploded Engine

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