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1966 Yamaha YA6

The 125cc YA6 was the first bike I owned back in 1970, and I drove the wheels off of it. After moving back to Canada and retiring I started to look around for a decent example and in 2008 found this one in New Jersey. It was conveniently close to my brother's place and so provided the perfect excuse for a road trip to pick it up. This one was reasonably complete, although it was a bit of a mongrel as the tank and side covers were from a different bike than the frame, but it did run after a fashion which was good enough.

Since its arrival in Alberta, I've been collecting the parts required to put it back into original factory condition, and I expect to start work on restoring it in another year or so. In the mean time, it is plated for road use and I take it for a short ride a couple of times per year just to keep it loose.