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Regal Red - End Game

  1. Starting Point
  2. Engine
  3. Tin, Frame and Wheels
  4. Other Things
  5. End Game

It does look nice, but that's just my own opinion of course ! The weather is not cooperating, so road tests will be delayed. It is March and as of this writing is sitting at -14 C and getting colder rather than warmer which is disappointing, but just one of the things you get used to living here. None the less, I was able to roll the bike out for a few photos. Once it has been plated and I've had a chance to ride it a bit over the next few months I'm sure I'll post a few more.

First of all - a quick recap of what I started with:

And how it looks today (March 2017):

This photo was taken on the first extended ride in May of 2017 just south and east of Calgary, Alberta:

Next up will be the second of the consecutively numbered frames, and the last of the three 1972 'J' models that I plan to rebuild. That build should start in the fall of 2017, but we shall see - getting sidetracked is always a possibility !

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