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Grade One Revisited

Crosby Heights Public School in Richmond Hill opened in 1958, and I was in one of its Grade One class rooms under the tutelage of (I think) a Miss. Spence. Many of us went on to high school together at … Continue reading

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Way Too Busy !

It has been a busy couple of weeks ! Since my last note, we have managed to successfully bring the newest addition to the stable across the border into Canada. The little Yamaha YA6 was given an inspection by the … Continue reading

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125 cc’s of Nostalgia !

Many years ago – actually many, many years ago – I bought my first vehicle.  At the time, I was 18 years old and I most definitely did not have my parent’s permission – in point of fact, my Dad … Continue reading

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One down, and one to go !

June 4th was a big day in the Sandy household, as our eldest son Sean graduated from Trent University in Ontario. It was a very good day, which will only be matched when our second son graduates next year. The … Continue reading

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On the Road

We arrived in Toronto yesterday having driven from Calgary. The route we took was via the TransCanada highway leaving Calgary (Alberta) and passing through Regina (Saskatchewan), Winnipeg (Manitoba), across the top of Lake Superior through Thunder Bay, Sault St Marie … Continue reading

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And She Said It Was "Cute"

I have been tracking the MID (mobile internet device) space for some time now, and have tested several devices just to get some real world experience using them. These devices supercede the UMPC devices that were all the talk of … Continue reading

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