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The Dumb Way Round

There are many folks who have done round the world trips on motorbikes, ranging from the rich and famous to the sort of fellow you’d meet in the local bar. Ewan McGregor of Star Wars fame and his friend Charley … Continue reading

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Frame Differences – Who Really Cares ?

Probably no one cares, but what the heck¬† – winters are long up here and sometimes stuff like this helps to pass the time ! Late in 2009 I needed to do a bit of clean-up and pick which frame … Continue reading

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iMacs, iTouch, eeePC and O!PLay

Its been one of those weeks ! First of all, a friend asked for some help with their brand new iMac and their iTouch.¬† I can hear the Macomaniacs starting to rant in the background that if you buy a … Continue reading

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