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The Avro Arrow (or "Two Days in Wetaskiwin")

Of the many really great museums I’ve been lucky enough to visit over the years, one of my favourites is the Reynolds Alberta Museum which is about two and half hours north of Calgary in a place called Wetaskiwin (which … Continue reading

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Amazon S3, Backups and Other Things

Most folks these days have a digital camera, and as a result have hundreds and possibly thousands of digital photos and videos littering the hard drives of their computers. Certainly this is true for me and of course it highlights … Continue reading

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Its Lively !

I’ve taken a 60 minute break from the motorcycles, and have been playing with Google’s new offering called Lively which is a new entry into the virtual world space similar (but also quite different) to Second Life. Unlike Second Life … Continue reading

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GT750 Restoration Continued

Things are moving along. As per my previous BLOG entry, I have the rear wheel and disc brake assembly, exhaust, and a dummy engine fitted, and have been looking at options for fitting the rear master cylinder and its brake … Continue reading

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The Buff Has New Shoes !

The 1975 GT750 Water Buffalo is starting to take shape. One of the things I had to attend to first of all was to replace the right rear upper shock mount which had been damaged beyond simple repair by the … Continue reading

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1975 GT750 Water Buffalo

I have been riding, repairing and rebuilding motorcycles off and on for very nearly 40 years. When we were overseas, I was forced to take an extended break, so now that we are back in Canada it has been nice … Continue reading

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The Squadron

One of my interests post retirement is to learn how to fly radio controlled model planes. I have one plane which I recently just finished mounting the servos and radio into, and this fall the plan is to actually try … Continue reading

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