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Blasting in Calgary Part 2

I previously wrote about the folks at Consolidated Compressor here in Calgary – I’ve been back there a few times since first writing about them. This is the place that sells do-it-yourself sand blasting by the hour, and its a … Continue reading

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Having a facial !

As I’ve been scanning in my photos, negatives and slides I have also been playing with various software options for saving, finding and sorting. One of the big issues with having a huge virtual stack of photos is being able … Continue reading

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Geek Temptation

They’ve tempted me again – ThinkGeek has some of the coolest items available for the totally nerdy, and I’m still on their mailing list of cool things that they offer for sale. I’ve wanted to order a genuine Dr Who … Continue reading

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There are few things as pleasant – to me at least – as arriving home with a new toy. In this case two new toys as I was bringing home a couple of 1.5 Terabyte capacity drives to be used … Continue reading

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