Its Official !

Well – after a delay of a year, I have finally announced my official retirement date to the good folks at my place of employment. As expected, it was a non-event and no one seemed either surprised or fussed, although several did offer some very kind words ! My last day in the virtual office I live in, will be May 30th or about three and a half months from now. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my 33rd year of service. Its amazing just how fast the time has passed by, and I’m equally sure that the next few months will fly by. I’m not having a farewell bash – my plan is to slip out the back door while no-one is looking as I just don’t enjoy goodbyes.

Between now and May, I will actually be doing a fair bit of travel still – so I’m sure I’ll find a few things to write about between now and the big day. I’m quite looking forward to the change of pace !

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