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Every once and a while, you come across something that works even better than advertised , and as this just doesn’t happen very often these days, one really does have to celebrate the event !! The other day, we were on an Air Canada flight to Houston, and somehow or other red wine ended up all over ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed” (yes – I admit that I enjoy Rumpole of the Bailey) – it was not a pretty sight. While one could take the view that the dark red blobs contrasted nicely with the pale yellow jacket, she was not at all happy The flight attendant provided some soda water, but it really had no effect and the red wine stains seemed destined to be a permanent part of my wife’s jacket decor.

Once we had arrived at the hotel where we were over-nighting between flights, and had checked out the cleaning options that were available to us (none within the timeframe we needed), we figured we had nothing to lose and so we pulled out a couple of the ‘Tide to Go‘ sticks made by the folks at Procter and Gamble which we happened to have with us. As the stains were starting to dry and set, it looked as if the jacket most probably was ruined, and so it was difficult to see how it could be made any worse. I must admit that frankly I was amazed. I have no idea what chemicals they have in these things, but the wine stains just seemed to evaporate leaving no trace at all – you could actually see the stains change colour as you daubed them with the applicator, and after a few minutes work, the jacket looked as good as new. Needless to say, “She who Must Be Obeyed” was quite relieved, as was I as the Tide sticks cost much less than the cost of a new coat ! On arrival in Cancun one of the first things we did was buy a few more ‘Tide to Go’ sticks to replace the ones we had used, and you can be sure we will always have a couple with us on future travels also !

Tide to Go sticks – highly recommended

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