Ignition – GT750 Project

There are several electronic ignition options available for the GT750 and include the Boyer BransdenNewtronic , and roll your own as described on the Pink Possum web site.

BoyerIf you search the web, the kit that seems to have the best reviews is the Newtronics kit as it is packaged as a Suzuki specific item – for example you supposedly do not need to butcher your wiring to install it.  See Gunner’s write up on the Newtronic unit. However, as of this writing Newtronic are no longer in business, although their SU6 kit can still be found if you look, and the new owner – Autocar – may start selling them again. Given availability issues, I went with the Boyer Bransden unit which I bought from Walridge Motors who are the Boyer distributors here in Canada. Walridge Motors is actually a vintage British motorcycle supplier, and they were very easy to do business with, and quite helpful. They also stock the old style metal core ignition wire which is handy for repairing old Suzuki ignition coils if you have the need.

RotorI won’t repeat what Gunner has mentioned about the Boyer Bransden model KIT00083 kit to fit the Suzuki triples, other than to agree that it is a bit disappointing as it is actually a made over kit intended for a Kawasaki and as such it lacks the correct mounting plate, the correct wiring diagram information or even what I’d call ‘good’ set-up information. Having said that, it wasn’t too hard to figure out and install. I did have to modify the Suzuki mounting plate as the rotor supplied in the Boyer kit was too big for the hole in the centre of the points mounting plate as seen to the left – I opened the hole up with a step drill bit. I also made a rubber pad from an old inner tube to fit under the Boyer contact plate which was probably not really required, but seemed like a good idea as the Boyer supplied plate is not very rigid.  The mounted point plate can be seen in the photo below.

PlateOn the plus side – once I had it installed, the bike did start up with no trouble at all so my first impressions are positive. The folks here in Calgary that I’ve spoken to who have the Boyer Bransden unit installed, all seem happy with the product, and several of them have had years of use with no problems at all, so we will see how it goes.

It should be mentioned, that a decent dial gauge is a must for doing the initial setting of the timing, and a good list of available options is offered on Gunner’s site. I actually built my own dial gauge using a cheap unit from Princess Auto (part 2970986) which was on sale, and an old NGK spark plug which I modified to be a holder. It has worked well for me for years at a total cost of less than $10 CDN and is shown below.


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