Two’s Away !

Yesterday was a significant milestone in the Calgary Sandy household as we attended the graduation ceremony for our younger son Derek at York University and the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. The event was held indoors and in air conditioned comfort, which was quite nice given the bright sunny 30 C weather outside ! He did well scholastically, and I don’t need to say that we are both pretty proud of him.

For the record, York University is not on my Christmas card list, and I consider the school administration to be less competent than a small pack of demented weasels – they grossly mismanaged the recent strike, putting the education of thousands of students on hold and I won’t soon forget that. At yesterday’s event York’s keen, finely honed sense of customer focus continued, as they arranged things such that parents and visitors could not easily take photos during the ceremony – basically if you wanted a photo of the ceremony, you had to buy one at inflated prices from their photographer.

That’s all water under the bridge now, as hopefully we are finally done with York and Derek is on to the next phase of whatever life adventures await him – all he has to do now is get a job !!

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