Blasting in Calgary Part 2

I previously wrote about the folks at Consolidated Compressor here in Calgary – I’ve been back there a few times since first writing about them. This is the place that sells do-it-yourself sand blasting by the hour, and its a great service to have available locally. When I was over there this past week, I noted they have a few additional offerings – they have recently set up two bead blasting cabinets suitable for smaller items. Several media are available included glass bead, walnut shells, garnet etc. They also have a small capacity sand blaster outside in a covered area, and using a finer grit media than at the larger, more commercial grade blasting stations. Still no soda blasting option, but I suppose if enough people ask for it, then eventually they may offer that also !

Air supplied breathing helmets, ear plugs and heavy gloves are provided, and for someone like myself who needs this sort of thing just a few times per year it’s actually almost fun – recommended !

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