Pipe Cleaners and GT750 Mini-Rollout !

With the engine running well, the carburettors (mainly) sorted and the seat recovered, it was time to mount the exhaust system properly on my 1973 Buffalo. I had planned to have the pipes ‘tanked’ at a local radiator shop, and while that is still on the agenda, I elected to just clean them out for now and get them mounted so the bike can be run in properly. After anything that shows up during the initial shakedown is sorted, then perhaps I’ll pull them back off and get them re-chromed next year.

Two stroke exhausts can accumulate a lot of carbon build up, but I admit I was surprised at just how much there was in these. I made a scraper with a hooked end on it out of some flat bar I had (which is visible in the photo), and then went around the inside of the pipe between each baffle till I had quite the pile of accumulated coke and carbon sitting on my work table. And this was only from the two larger pipes ! I also managed to clean out a slightly smaller pile from the two smaller centre pipes !!

Of course now I just have to be careful to not have anything white behind the bike the next time I start it up, as I’ve no doubt that there are all sorts of small oily bits of carbon loose inside the pipes which will expel all over anything behind me – might be fun actually …..

Suzuki used to sell a special sealing compound for the connector tubes between the three main exhaust pipes – of course this is no longer available. I used high temperature RTV orange silicon on the GT550 rebuild which seemed to work well, and so did the same thing with the 1973 GT750. Everything bolted up nicely and so it was time to roll it out and take a couple of photos.

I still need to put the warning labels and decals on, add the seat trim, and I do not doubt that I will have to play with the carburettors a bit more, but it is quite close to being completed now.

Of course I’m biased, but I think its looking pretty good !

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