GT500 – Back To The Shop !

Well, it has been a while since I did any updates, or indeed spent any real time on the project bikes – it has been a busy fall season and winter has truly settled in around the Calgary area.

The 1973 GT750 is all done except for a shake down ride – I posted a few photos of the finished project here, and it is now all buttoned up for the winter months in storage. The plan is to ride it a bit, make sure everything works and then probably sell it as I am at the point where I have too many projects and not enough space to put them ! Its a nice problem to have.

Reproduction Decals still haven’t got back to me about a couple of items – a bit disappointing but normally they are very good so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a call to see where things are at. I’m still looking for some warning stickers, had a question about the pin location on the tank badges they sell and also am looking for some options for renewing the Gear Position plate on the 1974 and later gauge clusters. I’m sure they are working on it …..

In the meantime I have had the rubber boots  that cover the temperature  sensors for the fan and temperature gauge copied by Greg Clauss in California. While wire harnesses are easy to repair, the boots which are quite specific to the GT750 till now were not available any where. Greg did a nice job on them, and if anyone else wants some just contact him directly.

So, back to the 1977 GT500. For the one or two people globally that may be following along, you will recall that I picked up a couple of very tired old soldiers in Vernon BC and got them home in June of 2009. Since then, I’ve powder coated the frame of the one that seemed worth saving and have been collecting parts and pieces in the background while working on the 1973 GT750.  I also had the battery saver mat copied for it – these are also available from Greg Clauss – and then just recently started to look at the condition of the engines I have available to me.

As always, there were surprises which will be the topic of the next blog  🙁

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