A Field Guide to the Suzuki GT550

The latest addition to the OJB web site, called ‘A Field Guide to the Suzuki GT550‘ , is now on line along with a load of other new material. I am still validating a few things, but for the moment at least everything seems to be working.

Since first publishing the GT750 Field Guide some five years ago, I have regularly been asked which model of Suzuki I would do next. The truth is that if you don’t have access to a good sample set of machines to examine, then it is a really difficult task to put something like this together. GT550’s are not common here in Calgary and other than my own 1974 model which I sold a couple of years ago, I only know of one other that is still in original condition. For this project then, I enlisted the aid of owners in places like Japan, Germany, France, the UK and USA as well as a couple of folks locally here in Calgary. They know who they are and I thank them. The work is missing a few things – a few colour examples for example – and over the next while, as additional material surfaces or is made available to me, it will be added. As with the rest of the web site, it is a work in progress !

As always – any errors are my own, and I welcome corrections and additions.

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