Catching Up.

I’m frequently reminded of just how small the world has become since the arrival of the internet. Yesterday Ian Beardsley from the UK dropped in for a short visit, a long chat, a few cups of tea and a sandwich. Ian is one of many people that I’ve known and chatted with via various internet boards, web sites and email over the years and who, like me, shares an interest in old Suzuki motorbikes. Ian maintains the UK based ‘Kettle Clinic’ board which is a great resource for Suzuki 2 stroke support. He is also one of two UK based suppliers of excellent quality stainless steel bits and pieces (see this link) for the Suzuki GT750 (and other lesser bikes 😉) , that I list on the ‘Sources‘ page on my web site.

Until yesterday I had no idea what he looked like as we had never met in person, although I have bought a few of his high quality stainless steel bits for the GT750 over the years. As we chatted, it was surprising just how many people we both ‘knew’ from the global Suzuki GT750 community: people like Alan T. in Barbados, Reiner S. and others in Germany, Erik P. in NL, Barry W., Alan H., and many, many others in the UK, along with people like Richard N. in the USA. And we also shared good memories about GT750 owners now passed, like Gary Cobbs, also from the UK. Of course we also talked about motorbikes, parts and pieces for motorbikes, some ‘how to’ techniques on finishing parts for motorbikes, and on and on until it became dark, and it was time for him to leave. All in all it was quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon !

A very small world indeed. 😎

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  1. Hi Ian, as you say it is indeed a small world, as my wife Diane and I have visited Hamilton to stay with relatives several times. We’ve also been to London over there but strangely, never bumped into you. I too have had dealings with Ian Beardsley, mostly during my stint as regalia rep’ for the kettle club and like you I can’t recall having met him, but quite possibly must have during one of the very manic club rallies and shows around the UK. We also have relatives who live on the other side in Vancouver and we’ve spent several holidays with them over the years and in 2018 we had a fantastic week on Vancouver Island. A really great country, looking forward to visiting again.
    I’m no longer associated with the kettle club, having had a serious disagreement with a control freak committee member and I’m now heavily involved with the kettle clinic, which I’ve been a member of since 2010. I’ve recently become a moderator on the clinic forum and I’m also organising this years ‘Lincolnshire’ rally.
    You may have seen ‘pic’s’ of my kettle, FAB738S which I’ve owned since 1987 and now has 158,000 miles on the clock, what a fantastic old bike the kettle is!
    Best regards.
    Steve Wharton.

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