1972 GT750 “J” Gauge Shells

After clearing the last of my stock in 2019, I continued to receive requests for the plastic GT750 J gauge shells from many owners from around the world. I have to admit, that I was hesitant about commissioning another order, as it took six long years just to recover my investment the first time ! While there are still quite a few of these machines on the road globally, it seems that outside of Europe (mainly France, Germany and the UK) the GT750 doesn’t have the same level of ‘collectability’ as a comparable Honda which impacts the value of the machines, and consequently the amount of money people are prepared to spend restoring them. And note that the cost of restoring these machines is beginning to escalate rapidly as it appears Suzuki has started to wind down their commitment to continuing to manufacture some of the critical parts, which in turn will drive higher costs for NOS and good used parts on the various auction sites, all of which just makes a bad situation worse. On the plus side, as I have fully recovered the cost of the injection moulds, the actual cost of a second run of gauge shells is less than what I had to pay for the the first run as now I am only having to deal with the actual production and materials costs. After some debate with SWMBO’d, I placed an order for a smaller second batch of shells in June of this year (2020).

As the order for this batch of shells was half the size of the first batch, once I had them on hand I prioritised sales to the many owners who had placed pre-orders, and who in some cases had been waiting for close to a year. My sincere thanks to all of you ! I now have about sixty sets left, and when they are gone, that really will be the last of them.

Prices are $120 CAD for a pair (speedometer and tachometer) or $65 each if you just want one, plus shipping of course. All the details about the replacement gauge shells are on my web site at this link.

Note: I do still have the reproduction reset knobs available for the GT750 J. Info for those is also on my web site.

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