One of the benefits (I think ?) with much of the new technology available is the amount of data that becomes available for analysis. Now this obviously is both good and bad, as you can have too much of a good thing, and much of the data is probably meaningless from a practicalities perspective anyway. As an example, my hosting services provider (Telus) , Google and WordPress all provide copious quantities of information on how my sites are being accessed, how long people stay, what they look at, if they indeed look at anything, where they come from, what sort of internet connection they are using, how they found the site, etc., etc., etc.. Much of this I ignore, although if I were running a business it could be useful data as it may allow me to better target my specific customers.  

As I’m retired, its really just more of a curiosity factor to poke around and see what is being tracked, but I did happen across an interesting snippet of information today about which browsers people have been using to access my GT750 project site, which is located here. According to Google, and also Telus, I am getting quite a few folks visiting using the Chrome browser which I find surprising as it hasn’t been out all that long – a chart showing the various browsers people are using as they access my site is below.

I do not pretend to be running a high traffic site – I get about 270 visits per day – but of those visits I’m intrigued at how many are not Microsoft Internet Explorer. If the numbers can be believed, roughly 11% are using Chrome which has only been out a short while, and roughly 34% are Firefox users. 

Clearly, it seems I will have to do some additional digging to try and confirm this, which is a pity as that sounds like work !


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